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Creating a CT Creative Corridor

This week, Seizo and I went to an interesting seminar led by Marian Salzman, president of EURO PR. Marian has done a ton of work related to the talent pool – and talent drain – of Fairfield county. For those … Continue reading

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What growing iPad use might mean for your business

According to a recent Survey by IDG, iPad use is growing among IT pros.  In fact iPad use has seen huge growth in business in general. What this means is that many of people you are trying to reach have … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Business Now Need a Google+ Page?

Google announced the launch of its anticipated Google+ pages for businesses.  Furthermore, these pages will be showing up prominently in the search results, much to the dismay of Facebook, Twitter and others. Let’s not debate about whether or not it … Continue reading

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Image Sprites in css. Why use them

Today I am going to share about sprite images being used in web design. What they are and why they are a life saver. Sprite is a combination of images into one big image. The idea of using sprites originated … Continue reading

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Janus, the Two-Faced God

January is named for Janus, the Roman two-faced god. One looks forward, to the new year. The other, back to the year past. The Voice also has a split personality. One side are senior folk who know what they are … Continue reading

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Online ad spending larger than print for first time ever

2012 will be the year that online advertising will outsell print advertising.  What does that mean for your business? For many business it means that they will be more visible.  Properly targeted ads which is the strongest positive for online … Continue reading

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Ignore the Shift to Mobile at Your Own Peril

Once again it seems that businesses are behind the curve when it comes to mobile.  In fact, according to L2 (a think tank for digital innovation), only two-thirds of indexed brands have mobile-optimized sites, and yet a full third of … Continue reading

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Introduction to Google Analytics

Most businesses have websites, but have no idea about their website’s incoming traffic or customers or pages that customer’s are visiting on the website. This makes it difficult for businesses to identify issues with their website or find out which … Continue reading

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Adapt or Perish

“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment. “  Charles Darwin ~ British Naturalist and Author (1809 – 1882) Adapt or perish – … Continue reading

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Creating a great user experience for mobile apps

Creating a great user experience takes time and understanding not only how users are going to use your application, but also knowing the limitations of the target devices.  This is especially important when considering applications for mobile. We now have … Continue reading

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