Rachel has been Promoted

After two years of working at The Voice, Rachel Olivera has been promoted to Senior Account Manager! Rachel currently manages the account department at The Voice. In addition to this, she helps the creative team by administering her input on projects, program analysis, budget plans and focuses on the end result. Some of her duties include planning and execution of creative advertising, app development and event planning.

Rachel is the main client contact for The Voice’s three major clients. Rachel always supplies solutions to any problem that comes her way and her work is greatly appreciated by The Voice! Congratulations Rachel!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.10.42 AM

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A Toast to the End

The interns finally graduated! After a 6-week intense intern program, the interns finally part ways to enjoy the rest of the summer until school rolls around again in the fall.

To celebrate this great accomplishment, The Voice all gathered together for a little party at the end of the day Wednesday afternoon. With sweet treats and refreshing juice, we all celebrated to commend the interns for their hard work that had been done.

With a toast to the end, as well as the beginning of everyone’s journey, we wish every intern luck in the next step of their career goals.


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Last Day Reflections

Today, July 9th, marks the last day at our internship here at The Voice. Time has flow by over these past six weeks. The four of us have seen and done much more than we had anticipated, and we are not complaining! Each of us had different insights and takeaways from our experience here at The Voice and here they are…


My favorite part was… starting a project and seeing it being carried out to the end. We did the story board for The Voice’s new video- the one that involves taking a tour of a 3D animated version of the house and the work we do. It was awesome to see our ideas come to life.

What I thought was most interesting was… the “Lunch & Learn.”  Learning about the history of advertising and all the trends like Art Nouveau!

I had no idea… how difficult it really is to be in a creative brainstorm session. It’s not a linear process where everything can be done at the end of a meeting or even a work day.

My biggest takeaway was… figuring out how to master programs like WordPress for blogging and website design and the responsibilities of keeping everything updated.

I would tell a future intern… starting out in a small agency like The Voice has it’s advantages. I think I had more hands on responsibilities and made more of a difference here than what I would have done in a big agency- where most likely I would have only been getting people coffee.


My favorite part was…learning how to figure out with my intern team. We became very close professionally and personally.

What I thought was most interesting was…learning how to maintain and design a website.

I had no idea…the amount of work it takes to put into a video. It takes a lot of preparation, time and effort to perfect a project like a production video.

My biggest takeaway was…learning to work with co-workers in a professional environment. You will work with many types of people in your life and

I would tell a future intern…to start searching for an internship early. Internship positions are very competitive.


My favorite part was… Seeing how a company, like The Voice, promotes and markets itself. Even though The Voice it an advertising agency it is still important to promote and advertise themselves just like an business would.

What I thought was most interesting was… How important contacts were! It is important to save and organize your contacts because you never know when or how you will need them.

I had no idea… How much brainstorming and time goes into a client pitch! A pitch itself might only be a half hour conversation with the client but it is hours, days, maybe even weeks of preparing that goes into it.

My biggest takeaway was… Proper communication between the account personal and the client is crucial. If there is a lack of/miscommunication between the agency and the client, well then there is no longer a client!

I would tell a future intern… It’s never to early to get an internship!


My favorite part was…being able to build lifelong relationships with my peers and the professionals in the field of advertising.

What I thought was most interesting was… all of the tools and knowledge needed to run and work in a successful advertising firm.

I had no idea… about how complex the inner workings of an advertising agency is on a daily basis.

My biggest takeaway was… was being able to work alongside the art director and others to learn hands on skills and knowledge that I would not have learned elsewhere.

I would tell a future intern… Just keep swimming.

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Like A Girl

Whether the advertisement comes up on Youtube or Buzzfeed, P&G’s campaign for “Like A Girl” is going viral. As times change, more and more companies are promoting being a strong woman. In the “Always” commercial, the ad reinforces that the phrase “Like A Girl” is offensive. On top of the concept, this is great marketing for their company. It would make woman want to buy their products because they are supporting equality of genders. Check out the video for yourself and tell us what your opinion is:

On top of this, Pantene is getting on board with their own Shine Strong ad campaign. This campaign also shows how woman can be strong and to stop using the word “sorry” when it is not necessary. Woman should not have to apologize for something they did not do. Watch the video and you will see the concept they are aiming for:

Ultimately, one can not disagree with these campaigns for the simple idea of equality. What are your ideas about this marketing?



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Women Redefining How Companies Should Target

Lately there have been a lot more trends and viral videos about gender equality. These videos show that it is around 10 years old and on when this gender gap starts to happen and being a woman has other implication. For example at that age being called bossy makes girls not want to strive to be leaders. These videos are not only about redefining stereotypes but also about stopping companies, advertisers and marketers to use these stereotypes to target or appeal to women. Segmenting and targeting has a giant effect on all parts of business: product, price, packaging, and promotion.

For example, Lego came out with Lego Friends, targeting girls. As a result they changed the packaging and the product in general. The girl Lego figures are a complete different size and some pieces are not compliant with the regular sets. In addition, the sets have the girls “cooking” or “hanging out with friends at a café” while the boy sets have the figures going on awesome adventures. Even a 7 year old girl wrote a letter to the Lego Company asking them to

“make more Lego girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun ok!?! Thank you.”



 “Children haven’t change. But the adults who market them have.”

If advertisers and marketers take the first step to stop using these stereotypes to segment woman then there can be a ripple effect and create a real difference.


Join us and take the pledge to BAN BOSSY 

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From Scratch to Finish

The interns are very honored to be a part of a big promotional video for The Voice from start to finish. We were put to the test to come up with a multitude of ideas to promote The Voice. This included other methods of promotion and researching other ad agencies. We created a storyboard that depicted our competitive advantage- our ad house.

Our 3D animator, Tony, created the visual that we presented to him. It was cool to see our ideas become reality. We saw how it was to work as a team from creatives, to accounts, to production managers.

After two weeks, our video was rolled out to our social media accounts and to our new home page of our website.

Feel free to check out the video here!

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Billboards for the Better

Here in the Northeast, billboard ads are normally high up in places nobody can reach without an extended ladder or just a plain, flat sign on the side of the road. However, in Slovakia, graphic designers are coming up with a different plan in order to give purpose to billboard ads.

A design firm in Slovakia wants to give a new meaning to billboard ads. Named “The Gregory Project”, they want to make billboard spaces into small apartments where the homeless could live. A small example would be this billboard ad:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.52.44 AM


These ad spaces would include a bathroom, a kitchen, a bed and storage space all in these “homes”. There would already be wired electricity throughout the house due to the light that brightens the ad on the outside. This would be a great opportunity to advertise for a business and provide for the less fortunate at the same time. What do you think of this project? You can read more about this project here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.53.24 AM

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A Different Approach

“Almost Identical: an Experiment by Beldent” takes a different approach to advertising gum. It focuses the personal associations/feelings with chewing gum in general. By putting identical twins right next to each other but having only one of them chew gum,  73% favored those twins who chewed gum, of the 481 people who participated in the experiment.


Videos like these  are great because it makes me feel like I’m not being advertised to. These kinds of videos focus on more than the product like brand image/affiliation, core values, being part of a community. By the end of it I’m like:

“Wow, that was so interesting/entertaining/funny/emotional” that I don’t even care that you’re trying to shove this product down my throat but I applaud your sense of creativity and next time I’m at the store and see your product, I’ll actually think about getting it.”

Some ways of accomplishing this result is advertising through social experiments, art installations, and emotional connections- Like the P&G Mom campaign or Budweiser’s Super bowl  “Puppy Love”

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80 Minutes of Typography Truth


As a design student, one of the most important tools we have to use as a design element is typography. This tool is used world wide, it defines brands and shapes some of the most drab designs into something that will never be forgotten. Typography as we commonly know it today started with the complex movable type presses that used metal letter forms , this originated with Gutenburg’s printing press. Without this innovation of the printing press the need for hand scribed type was no longer needed, and allowed for a plethora of possibilities. 

As many designers know there are classifications of typography that have changed popularity and use throughout the years since they have been designed. Some of the most common  type classifications are: Old style, Transitional, Modern, Egyptian (Slab Serif), and Sans Serif. Then from those classifications it goes into differently designed typefaces, and then further down into different type families, such as Condensed, Bold, Italics, and many more. 

Though there is one typeface I would like to take a moment to really point out and recommend taking notice of it. This typeface is Helvetica. Helvetica currently one of the most commonly seen typefaces out there. There is even a documentary named after it, and this documentary is a must see for any aspiring designer. Helvetica is an ageless typefaces that can be seen on some of the signage you see every day. So take some time watch Helvetica, and be amazed at how important typography is to great design. 

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Hook, Line & Sinker

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of research on inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a bit like fishing; companies are the fisherman, and the potential customers are the fish. The company must do certain things to draw the attention of customers and brings them in, kind of like bait in fishing. This type of marketing puts the emphasis on bring potential customers in rather than going out of the way to get their attention. 

Once the company has the customers’ attention, they must then try to reel them in, just like fishing. The best way for companies to do this is to gather information about their customers. At the very least, companies must gather the email addresses from their viewer. This will not allows your company to have a record of your viewers and potential customers and in return the viewer must receive some sort of service or else they will not likely give you information like their email address. Similar to fishing, the fish receives a tasty treat, which is the bait, but is now hooked.

The last part of fishing for customers is to convert them into actual customers, or successfully catch the fish. This stage is almost like the waiting game for companies. The customer has received a free service or tool from the company and now it is up to the customer to act upon it. It might not be right away, but that is okay. The customers are already hooked because of the free services and the emails, and eventually some of them will be caught and turned into real customers.

Once the fish is caught though, you need to keep on fishing! Inbound marketing can always be used and should be analyzed for continuous improvement, because there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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