Finally Reaching the Starting Point

This week was finally at the point where filming a promotional video for the Voice kicked in. While finishing the intro, Matt and myself began filming around the house. Basically I took his little, Sony HD (dubbed the “Raycam”) and followed him around the kitchen, and the main office while he was giving a little tour, and giving out details about P.T. Barnum. Once uploading the footage, I then went around the house taking snapshots of the posters on the wall, objects in the kitchen such as the tin cans, and the shelf in the far corner. In addition, I also took snapshots of the house from the outside. That purpose was to avoid sudden cuts from being seen. I also selected a couple of photos on Google.

The first cut ran twelve minutes and nine seconds long with a few sound effects added in, photos from Google, photos from the Voice website, and many transitions between photos and footage. I mainly focused on taking out bits of dialogue, detaching the audio from the video, and making sure both are in sync with each other when it came to inserting photos and transitions in between.

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Setting Up the Project

It’s finally at that stage where I get to concentrate on the editing process without struggling (most of the time). Using Adobe Premiere for the first time since around 2011, I compiled footage from a few videos that were already made by Tony, added a couple transitions in order to give that “reality-TV” feel, and tried some other editing techniques. All that’s left is to add new footage that’s going to be filmed next week, and the everything will in place for the intro.

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The Progress Continues

The week wasn’t that much productive for me; despite doing two different types of work. Tuesday, I was away from my job in the production department, and helped out in the department of checking update information about a number of clients and companies associated with ‘The Voice’. Never knew that digging deeper for correct details would take all day (and it doesn’t finish). Friday I continued the video project, and approached the editing process. It looks like this segment of the project is going to take a while when it comes compiling the right footage.

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The Progress Begins

Third week interning at The Voice is spent on the promotional video project. I continue working on it by coming up with more ideas in general, and outline ideas in order to keep what I have in mind for an intro, a format, and an outro. By thinking creatively, the idea was to make something different than the videos that are already posted on the website, and YouTube channel.

When I had every idea scattered, but typed onto paper, a short meeting with Matt and Rachel was scheduled for Friday at 10:00am. Of course, I was preparing to explain everything that was provided on paper, and give as much detail as possible. Afterwards, once the two gave me a vision of what they wanted, which was reality-television show-based, I immediately had to work my brain with a format, and an outline. Also, Matt gave me the length for each segment, as well as the entire video, which will be set around ten minutes. So far, my job is to work on the video formats, and set up an outline based on the instructions and opinions from Matt and Rachel.

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A Beginning of the First Week

Within the first month of 2015, it was about to be the beginning of another journey. Accepted as an intern at the Voice Advertising Agency, the first week basically became a learning experience and a tutorial of how this company works. On the first day, my job as a videographer was to learn about the standards, and know who my fellow interns are. The standards included leads, interests, records, and contacts. While I already knew those specific elements of advertising, I got to know others such as qualified leads, iContact (in terms of email and other contact information in general). Taking those kind of notes was an important task to do. I now know how the first day usually goes. At the beginning of the first week, it becomes a learning progression, and then it grows from there. Lastly, I was given a bunch of magazines to look at and find certain articles that caught my interest. Of course I didn’t read every single article, but the ones that included stories about movie directors, and elements of film such as cinematography, editing, and screenwriting.

On the second day, my job as a videographer was to continue what I did last time, which was to read a few more articles, but that happened to a lesser extent. My first task was to visit and search for a number of photos of a business man (of any occupation) standing by a window, or sitting at a desk looking at a tablet in his hand. Requested by Matt, Rachel, and Neil, I was already familiar with the website as I’ve previously searched for iStock photos for my college magazine. Choosing certain selections wasn’t that difficult, which resulted in three-eight photos. Even if it was a quick task, I only read a few more articles, and organized them on the table.

Even with the first two days being a learning experience, it was worth knowing what to do and what every person in this company does before diving straight in. My role as a videographer will be a real learning experience once that officially begins.

-Ray Corriea

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Can You Buy Our Vote? Absolutely!

RockTheVote_The-VoiceFor the right amount of money, we’ll do pretty much anything you ask us to do…. video production, online solutions (websites, web apps, eMarketing, etc.) and “traditional” advertising services, such as campaigns, layout, graphic design and copywriting.

We believe that anybody can make something of themselves in America…  but it doesn’t come cheap. We run a lean operation at The Voice, which means your precious marketing dollars go further.

But while many companies come to us because of price, they stay because of our creative. Organizations such as CA (Computer Associates), IBM, Vision Solutions, Emerson, ArisGlobal, Kitchen Brains and other mid-cap and global firms think the world of us.

We are based in beautiful Fairfield, CT, about an hour outside NYC, part of the tri-state region.  We have our own building with an in-house video production studio, apartments for interns-in-residence and more.

We also have a rich website at if you’d like to scope us out.  To engage, please write or call (203) 296-2800.

And remember, vote early and often to have The Voice on your team!

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Go The Extra Mile

Not one advertising agency is perfect. In this one article, there are 10 other articles that will help any business owner improve and enhance their work environment.

One of the articles that really stuck out to me was self promoting your agency. That is a big aspect of having a business. The outside may think that self promotion would be the easiest part due to the fact that agencies promote for other business. Wrong.

The task is always second due to client’s priorities coming first. There is always too much to do or too little time to consider ideas. However, there are ways to promote your agency without thinking you are.

Keeping your clients happy is just one way to promote your business. If you keep your clients happy, then they tell their partners and you get more business just from word of mouth.

To get more helpful tips you can check out the full article here:

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Imagine not being able to work overtime because of the simple fact that your desk disappears after work hours. This is what happens at a design studio in Amsterdam everyday.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.05.02 AM

This looks like a typical design studio, right? Wrong.

After 6 pm, these tables and chairs are hauled away and the floor is turned into yoga studio, dance studio, or anything else the the creative director wants it to be. She believes that in doing this, it would be easier to work there and it would not make people as stressed to come to work.

From watching this video, you can see the employees enjoy relaxation time once the work day is over. Wouldn’t it be nice to work there or what?

Check out the full article here:


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Get To Know More About Joe!

My name is Joe Wool and I am currently a Junior marketing major at Quinnipiac University. At Quinnipiac I am a member of the 3+1 accelerated Master’s program and a member of the Golf Club. I am originally from an area just outside of Poughkeepsie, NY. Through my education I have decided that my goal is to obtain a career in advertising and this is where my internship at The Voice comes into play.

intern headshot0I heard about the internship opportunity through my school and the career development department there. I was interested in The Voice because it presented me with a way to get hands on experience in the industry. I want to learn all aspects of advertising from the creative division to the more corporate side. I plan to take the knowledge I gain at The Voice and apply it to my future career path where it can help me achieve my goals.

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ASG Video Shoot

Today, Joe and I were apart of a live video production for ASG. At first I was not sure what to expect but I was very excited for a new experience.

First Dan set up all of the cameras, equipment and lighting to create the perfect setting for this shoot.IMG_5164

After all of that was set, it was time to start filming. I worked the teleprompter during two different videos. There were three different angles produced for each video. While filming was going on, Joe took pictures and videos of the process as he observed the scene. It was awesome to have first hand experience on a video like this because I was able to see all the hard work, practicing, and the end result of finally getting everything right.


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