All Aboard the USS Glacier!

The Voice Advertising Agency is filming and editing a video of a model of the USS Glacier that was originally built in August of 1954. Launched initially for the US Navy and later used by the Coast Guard, the USS Glacier was used as an icebreaker in addition to research voyages to Antarctica. Active from 1954 to 1987, the USS Glacier was a part of three separate operations. Unfortunately, it was scrapped in 2012.


However, a model of this historic boat was built and it rests in Stratford, CT with The Glacier Society.


The Glacier Society is a non-profit educational foundation that focuses on preserving history of America’s polar explorations in honor of the USS Glacier and all that served in the north and south poles operations.


The Voice has the honor of filming this boat inside and out to capture the real beauty the boat had.

The-Voice USS Glacier

Voice cameraman/director Dan Randmer supervised the lighting, filming and photography. The piece should be completed in a few weeks. 


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Newest Sales Representative!

The Voice has a new member of the inside sales team! Paul, our new representative, has many duties while working for The Voice. These duties include building relationships with potential clients through mail, e-mail and directly in person. His main objective is bringing in new business through different marketing campaigns. I asked Paul what was the one thing that he was looking forward to while working for The Voice and his response was, “I’m looking forward to getting quality clients for the company”. With 17 years of sales experience, Paul is the perfect candidate for the job!


The founder of The Voice, Matthew Hallock says, “With a voice like Paul’s, he should be a professional voiceover artist”.

The Voice is very happy to have him as part of The Voice team!

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LED Ball

Is your business looking to stand out?The-Voice LED Ball With this LED Ball, your company can illuminate the sky at any event! One meter long in diameter, the LED ball can be seen from a supermarket, concert, or any trade show very easily. The Voice can help any business set up this ball, and make the graphics or videos that will be displayed on it. It is easy to install and program as well! For more information on this amazing LED ball, click here.




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The New Intern!

The new intern, Divjot Arora, is the computer programmer here at The Voice. His tasks include: updating The Voice website, writing code for different websites, and solving any problems that might come up with data and information. Being only a high school senior, Divjot has a wide variety of knowledge with many programs such as: Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, and Python.

photo 2

The senior account manager, Rachel, says, “Divjot is a genius at analyzing a problem and finding a solution”.

I asked Divjot what he thought of his internship so far and he said, “This internship is great because it allows me to gain problem solving skills that I can apply in future jobs. I enjoy being able to work on real world problems and create websites that will be used by others, something that I wouldn’t be able to do outside of here”.The Voice is glad to have such a passionate and eager intern on board.


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Big News!

The Voice Advertising Agency has been selected as the #1 Ad Agency in Fairfield, CT for 2014.

The Fairfield Award Program selects local companies every year that over achieve in the field of marketing. After information that is gathered through research and is analyzed carefully, The Fairfield Award Program chooses the best in each category.

Being awarded this title for the second time in three years is an honor and The Voice will continue to grow in this field for years to come.

To read more about this award click here. 

Best of Fairfield Award

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Breakfast with the President

Event information for: firm owners, C-level executives, and senior marketing personnel.

The CEO of The Voice, Matthew Hallock, will come to you with breakfast between 8 am and 9 am available every morning. With over thirty years of experience in the field of advertising, you can come to him or Matthew will come to you with knowledge and breakfast at hand. What’s better than free breakfast with free education?

Interested in having breakfast with the one and only Matthew Hallock? Click here for more info!


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Bauhaus: How One Short-Lived Design School Changed The World

This gallery contains 1 photo.

  Bauhaus was a school and modern design movement born in Germany after World War I, in 1919. It is hard to overstate its influence. It is one of the foundations of modernism, perhaps the 20tth century’s most pervasive and influential … Continue reading

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Rachel has been Promoted

After two years of working at The Voice, Rachel Olivera has been promoted to Senior Account Manager! Rachel currently manages the account department at The Voice. In addition to this, she helps the creative team by administering her input on projects, program analysis, budget plans and focuses on the end result. Some of her duties include planning and execution of creative advertising, app development and event planning.

Rachel is the main client contact for The Voice’s three major clients. Rachel always supplies solutions to any problem that comes her way and her work is greatly appreciated by The Voice! Congratulations Rachel!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.10.42 AM

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A Toast to the End

The interns finally graduated! After a 6-week intense intern program, the interns finally part ways to enjoy the rest of the summer until school rolls around again in the fall.

To celebrate this great accomplishment, The Voice all gathered together for a little party at the end of the day Wednesday afternoon. With sweet treats and refreshing juice, we all celebrated to commend the interns for their hard work that had been done.

With a toast to the end, as well as the beginning of everyone’s journey, we wish every intern luck in the next step of their career goals.


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Last Day Reflections

Today, July 9th, marks the last day at our internship here at The Voice. Time has flow by over these past six weeks. The four of us have seen and done much more than we had anticipated, and we are not complaining! Each of us had different insights and takeaways from our experience here at The Voice and here they are…


My favorite part was… starting a project and seeing it being carried out to the end. We did the story board for The Voice’s new video- the one that involves taking a tour of a 3D animated version of the house and the work we do. It was awesome to see our ideas come to life.

What I thought was most interesting was… the “Lunch & Learn.”  Learning about the history of advertising and all the trends like Art Nouveau!

I had no idea… how difficult it really is to be in a creative brainstorm session. It’s not a linear process where everything can be done at the end of a meeting or even a work day.

My biggest takeaway was… figuring out how to master programs like WordPress for blogging and website design and the responsibilities of keeping everything updated.

I would tell a future intern… starting out in a small agency like The Voice has it’s advantages. I think I had more hands on responsibilities and made more of a difference here than what I would have done in a big agency- where most likely I would have only been getting people coffee.


My favorite part was…learning how to figure out with my intern team. We became very close professionally and personally.

What I thought was most interesting was…learning how to maintain and design a website.

I had no idea…the amount of work it takes to put into a video. It takes a lot of preparation, time and effort to perfect a project like a production video.

My biggest takeaway was…learning to work with co-workers in a professional environment. You will work with many types of people in your life and

I would tell a future intern…to start searching for an internship early. Internship positions are very competitive.


My favorite part was… Seeing how a company, like The Voice, promotes and markets itself. Even though The Voice it an advertising agency it is still important to promote and advertise themselves just like an business would.

What I thought was most interesting was… How important contacts were! It is important to save and organize your contacts because you never know when or how you will need them.

I had no idea… How much brainstorming and time goes into a client pitch! A pitch itself might only be a half hour conversation with the client but it is hours, days, maybe even weeks of preparing that goes into it.

My biggest takeaway was… Proper communication between the account personal and the client is crucial. If there is a lack of/miscommunication between the agency and the client, well then there is no longer a client!

I would tell a future intern… It’s never to early to get an internship!


My favorite part was…being able to build lifelong relationships with my peers and the professionals in the field of advertising.

What I thought was most interesting was… all of the tools and knowledge needed to run and work in a successful advertising firm.

I had no idea… about how complex the inner workings of an advertising agency is on a daily basis.

My biggest takeaway was… was being able to work alongside the art director and others to learn hands on skills and knowledge that I would not have learned elsewhere.

I would tell a future intern… Just keep swimming.

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