An Ending of the Last Week

As I say farewell to five months of working at the Voice Advertising Agency, it’s time to move on to the next step in life, and that’s the real world. I am ready to continue my passion with film-making for the future, and have an exciting adventure ahead of me. At my last day here at the Voice, I spent the entire time working on a trailer to somehow put together a montage of what went on throughout the semester, and how great it is to work at the Voice. I took clips from my video projects, Tony’s video projects, and photographs, and put together a one-minute trailer to showcase the advertising agency. In addition, I briefly spent time making sure all of the blogs I wrote were written by me (to make it say, “By Ray Corriea” instead of “By The Interns”). It’s been a pleasure working here, and once again, I look forward for the future.

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A Little Bit of Work

This week has been a busy week for me since I was preparing for my final weeks in college, so that was my main priority. I was only able to come on Friday to continue with what I left off with last week. I took the camcorder and watched a small video tutorial on how to have the projector screen working. It’s easy with unedited videos, but to have edited videos on there was going to be a difficult task for me to accomplish, also to have it project outside in the day time was just no way.

So, Matt sent me an email about an Annual Award Show for the Connecticut Art Directors Club, and he wanted to get a couple of videos submitted. Seven videos with their respective images (screen-shots/captures) were chosen, and ready to go. One day of work this week was very easy.

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What’s What?

Not that much done for this week at the Voice. I just put all of my video work onto the right server, and upload the Levine Huntley commercials on YouTube (as well as putting it in the server). Honestly, with my last few weeks of college happening, and upcoming events that I’m part of, my balance between work and school has been interfering with each other. So hopefully within the last few weeks, my progress won’t continue to slow down.

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What have the interns learned?

644587_10151223496628092_1544684248_nI’m really fortunate to have spent my spring semester at The Voice! During my time here I was able to learn a lot about the world of advertising that I wouldn’t have known without my time here! I was able to learn a lot in both the creative aspects of advertising as well as the business and account side. I was able to work hands on wither different departments at The Voice and worked on projects ranging from email marketing to copywriting and social media marketing. I learned so much from the team here at The Voice and I know my time here is definitely going to help me in the future!


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.26.36 PMHere at The Voice I have learned that advertising is not has easy as it looks. There are a lot of steps that need to be completed before the piece is perfect. Advertising is not just one simple piece of paper it’s a combination of multiple videos, images, emails, etc.   Next time you stop and scream at your television because there is a commercial on, take a second and remember it probably took months to put that 10 second commercial together. I am grateful for my opportunity I have had at The Voice.



Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.26.49 PMSince January 20th 2015, my experiences at the Voice have further increased my desires to be in the filmmaking business. Throughout the semester, I took charge of camera and post-production duties every time a new project was in the works. My main priorities at the Voice included film projects, collaborations with other interns and/or co-workers, and searching for the right kind of music for important advertisements. Often I would film short segments by myself, or with Matthew Hallock about the Ad House, history of advertising, and other important topics that are relatable. This experience has been keeping me busy for a couple of months, and it really gave me the real world experience while completing my senior year of college. Most importantly, I was able to maintain my desire for filmmaking by keeping a critical eye onto detail, and what can be used (extra video footage, pictures from Google, and/or voice-overs, etc.) in the final versions of each project. In addition, I’ve done some research in order to find out more about the history of advertising (through magazines, and the Internet), and made sure nothing was left undone. Working at the Voice is another step for me in the future.


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The Projects Go On and On

Another week when I came in three times and focused on a continuing process. My main tasks were to take the videos (Tom Thumb, Barnum Wall, the Kitchen, Breathe Easy, and Burma-Shave) and upload them to any social media site they don’t appear on. I basically took all of these videos and made sure they were complete before moving to the promotional stage. Also, I took the Barnum Wall and Tom Thumb video, and made a one minute version for each as Matt decided to have quick promotions/history lessons for viewers to watch.

Alongside these tasks, I had to convert Levine Huntley commercials from VHS to DVD. Since the converter didn’t want to do the job, I was sent to Milford Photo, and have professionals do it. This happened on Tuesday, and then on Friday, I drove back to pick it up, and it was a success.

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The Projects Go On

My main focus for this week was to add different kinds of music for a Kitchen Brains video. There were a couple of different versions of the ad, but specific genres had to be placed in order to sync in well with the video, and the voice-over. That was basically it for this week.

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Project 4 Complete

With my first three days as a part-time worker, of course my main focus was on the General Tom Thumb video. I came three times this week due to Easter break at my school, so I was able to take some time with decisions on the video. On Tuesday, I went into the audio booth and recorded a few more voice-overs in order to expand my opinion on the little people of the world. Also, I discovered that P.T. Barnum is buried in the same cemetery as Thumb, so I drove there myself, filmed the two tombstones, and did more commentary about the latter. Once that was finished, the only thing left was to piece together these new additions and place them alongside the old additions. Thursday and Friday was spent completing the video, which it finally was on Friday.

In addition, I was asked to take some videos that Tony made, and add music to it. One video (for Kitchen Brains) had three different selections while four versions of the same video (for Avalara) had an their own, individual track.

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The General Tom Thumb Project

This entry is specifically for the last three days of being an intern, and eventually heading to become a part-time worker of this company for the rest of the school semester. Even though I missed last Fridays due to snow (ironically on the first day of Spring), I missed a specific blog entry for last week. Last Tuesday on March 17th, Matt and myself began the video project for Tom Thumb (a.k.a. project 4). The two of us, as well as fellow interns Haley and Cassie, went to the cemetery across the street and visited the grave of General Tom Thumb. Matt spoke a little bit about him, and made me stand in the front of the grave due to the fact that General Thumb and myself are both dwarfs. Piecing together that footage with extra photos from Google was a piece of cake. The following week I made several new edits by rearranging the first edit, and adding a few more clips from last month. Those clips had Matt filming me talking about famous celebrity dwarfs and how I felt about it. Matt thought it would be a good idea to include me in the video, but I initially thought there wasn’t enough footage so far, but after discovering that clip from last month, there was enough to make a two minute version (so far). Because of this, I typed a number of important highlights that are associated with General Thumb and printed it out for future filming (hopefully).

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Email Infographic

Here’s an infographic to help understand “Why Email Split Testing is Essential for Profitability.” Don’t forget to keep those campaigns consistent and your testing simple!




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Projects 3 & 4…so far

Not that much contribution for this week. I was basically taking projects 1 & 2 (The Barnum Wall & The Ad House Kitchen) and bringing them to, and the History of Ads website. Also, with Final Cut Pro added to my MacBook pro, I no longer have to use iMovie.

Project 3 was the Burma-Shave ad that was going to be sixty seconds or less. I took the footage from a few weeks ago, shortened the intro and outro, and added photos of the product that was explained by Matt. I was careful when editing it, but the whole thing took less than a hour to complete. Once uploading it to Dropbox and sending the link, it was officially complete. Project 4 on the other hand is in process. Since project 1 was about P.T. Barnum, Matt had the idea of doing a separate video project on General Tom Thumb, a famous dwarf. In addition, he found out that his final resting place is just down the street from the Ad House, which gave us the idea of visiting the cemetery once filming officially begins. Project 4 will overall be the same as projects 1 & 2.

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